The Bad Boy Scientist

Knowledge is Hazardous - bust Ignorance is Disastrous

Meet The Bad Boy Scientist

The Bad Boy Scientist is a scientist who hated school but loved science, especially the type of science that makes loud noises, bright lights and clouds of smoke. This made him very unpopular with instructors and authority figures but he wasn't a fan of theirs either so that was OK - plus he made a lot of friends in the ER and burn ward. The BBS has been accused of being non-conformist, disobedient, disruptive, dangerous and just plain irreverent. In his defense, it is hard to be a scientist without being some of that - and it is impossible to be a fun scientist without being all of that.

No one knows how the BBS made his way through school all the way to a Ph.D. He hated those boring science classes where the teacher told him to sit down, shut up and memorize things, but never actually let him do anything. What's the point in that? It might as well be poetry class! Science is all about doing stuff and figuring out stuff and wondering when your eyebrows are going to grow back.

The BBS didn't start liking school until he got into graduate school where he finally got to do stuff. After Grad School, the BBS started teaching and found out that lots of undergrads have the same opinion about school as he did. Now, being non-conformist, disobedient, disruptive, dangerous and irreverent is paying off for the Bad Boy Scientist!

The Bad Boy Scientist&trade website is here to provide the cure for the same ol' boring Science Class and corrupt a few of America's Youth by teaching them how and why to think (and hopefully piss off a lot of authority figures). Plus, it's a reminder that we live in a world full of amazing sh!t and there's always a way to have fun if you're imaginative - even if everyone else tells you not to!

Remember: Science + Danger = Fun + Learning